(epithalamion for AK & SV)


Everybody says you build a home
around a kitchen. A house means most
when it's part of a collection. After execution,

save yourself some friction, toss
the strop out with the whetstone. Everybody
knows: the dullest blade is always

also the most dangerous blade.
For protection, nothing beats the gates
of the community: ten feet high & warmly

electric. Everybody keeps the sonic
carver in the box, on top of the frigidaire --
along with the salad spinner, fruit juicer,

power mixer. The color of your cupboards
matters: mustn't they match
the orange sponge? The granite counters?

A town means most when it's in the country.
Does that make sense? Everybody
takes place seriously. Seriously.



Now I Know Why


Of course, I no longer have to work
to create perspective. Mark these words:

I illuminate more than anyone bargained for.
Lines laid down long ago guide the eye to a distant

invective. All I do is look. All I do is color-
code each object for recall. Of course, painting's

beyond reach, the imago faint & falling
off its hook. Art does nothing for free.

Flip the switch. See? Just point & shoot. Just click.


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