Musician, The

Telepathic disturbance
on the chin faculty as
aspect of reality originates
in the brain of the fingers
automatic will raving
orgiastic cult of evil good
minikins and love songs
mementos contrived by thought by
the musician's mother Minerva in the Spirit
the musician's mentor who took a man's name
excessive enthusiasm if there is such
a thing as intense desire
affliction musician
warnings from the Bishops Court
monitor electronic transmissions
unviable abnormalities
legendary combinations
big bad forms
durably composed structures
a muster roll of peacocks to gently reprove
in a show of divine portent
that secretly hints to call forth
a design in small colored tiles
of overlapped aerial photographs
light and dark spots on shriveled
leaves burning the law
the musician faces
the nine guiding daughters
arranging their sounds in Time.


the performance or the execution


either fulfills the requirements he is committed to carry out
by creative effort mimic my playing a role prepared by washing


then bringing about a rendering to give the effect of
styled hair and applied cosmetics and the occupations


to kill or ruin utterly yet
adorned to dress lavishly


undertaking creation
as structural output through personal agency
energy transferred from one physical system to another
managing in spite of the lack


righteous acts full range of possibilities
includes other severe treatments like
thorough beatings


the functional outcomes of given effects
gradual movement


joints give and fastenings slack sailing against the wind
the friction and wear of straining in high seas
gradually arousing the shaper
cultivates an opening of exhaustive result


landscapes broad city streets neutral ground
of ramparts converted to promenades as breakwaters
above the upper deck


accomplishments of groups of muscles
with minimal fatigue and maximal production
the unit of energy equal to the work done by a force


dramatic actions adverse sentiments
the expressive capacity of the physical system
as a source of usable heat and power
in service to the peoples work as a sacrament


medicine by hand and sharp instruments
alloying extractions from ore in bulk
and at the atomic level elaborately tooled
and delicately shaped by hammering
harangues of weary verse that repair the construction


maker of differentiated sound pipes
and keys for specific functions


secret binges in sexual worship
communing frenzied eucharists
laid down and done with copius opera
and performative abundance
working the wealth of flavors


making faces infectous theses among fashionable facts
and synthetic deeds absconded and preserved together in
seasoned doom state of gothic affection for judgments


built of clay forms or mud brick with a touch of dairy
fictional effigies of bread kneaders prefiguring the mistress
feign to shape a figment of paradise as a wall


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