3 Poems by Sheila E. Murphy


all I do tonight is I magnificat my heart out

in thanksgiving that your tests say you are perfect

as I have constantly declared and I declare now

rows of dampness have rehearsed divesting desert of its crust

I sing to you

it's aqua what I sing

I think there have been roses here



good brave bye

I don't know how
it is incurious against
already disappearing
wind chimes I don't hear
enactment of this yearling
heart I don't induce
a person's breath when
it is finished at the moment
life begins it ends

I don't evaporate by
heart for being I revisit
how I know that
you are here a while
until I lose alertness
for your smoothness
that requires as it requites
I give up love for you

I don't enlist your light
I make up for where it has been
lifted I mind the quiet
where we met soon enough
not far from where I am
again my soldier
my endeared and polished
reason for the constant shine
of heart's own
flight of feathering across

I don't consider selves
a plus an acreage I don't delimit
scars that show through
who I am I don't align
with prior to my pose
the question of your answers
drawn into a generation of
loose moments that evade
the crop of notice



you are birthdayed

I am cloistered
in amazement

never leave this
wild enclosure

people theorize
we're away

and they are right
we're always unavailable

for comment is a weakling
and the truth is in

the margins full of Christ
mas wholly owned subsistiary

maybe not or just the wool
pulled over like a cop does someone

and this minute I am matrimonially
inclined having declined

so many prior offers
by the duffers and their fellow champs


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