Holler Drowning


holler fart while streaming

sooner fart while granding

welder fart while stunning

beauty fart while plodding

nostril fart while grooming

blunded fart while blending

stoned fart while crawing

blinked fart while issuing

numbed fart while drowning



Bloomed Underwear


bloomed drizzle in your closet

drummed drizzle in your armpit

fumbled drizzle in your steering wheel

fabled drizzle in your outhouse

shining drizzle in your toothpaste

cloning drizzle in your opera

calloused drizzle in your foamcore

aimed drizzle in your gasoline

famished drizzle in your foretext

clocked drizzle in your underwear



Fat Stop


stop that needles float or fog hummed

wallet pepperoni spotted flat wheedle

stroked your log gun ,mallet leper sin

king in the tub sot :whap waddle bro

ke nor dog fun ,harlot schlepper dri

nking off the grubs' hot lap .awful

smoke snore ,rug stunned halfwit

slapper ,blinks ,grunts ,shot ,fat



Flayed Spray


spray my faucet corn my blister horn

flung into the day why oughta storm my

gristle formed dung into the shirt doused

bed where socks loom ,my fizzled norm

sung inside the dirt housed head glare

,rocks boom and boom ,why drizzled worm

hung outside ,shirked that louse dead hair

mocks the room my ray my osteo floor my

glistened shorn mug ,flayed


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