park your responsibilities, vitamins, gun
i lost the war, i dont word a feather
its not my desk, i wanted birds

i walk, i understand, how much money
i was in love, it was good but crowing
a train, red mouth night

around her something, june silence
white city to fireflies, skin a palm tree
your giant nightpuddle

she felt something in her restaurant
agriculture full of night, new york
looked up, took a plunge

my windows limping, i never sleep
we're a desert, i begin throwing you
be quiet, california being mountains

shopping around the mouth of your miracles
trees circle the cushions with pink paint
use it, its yours, not birds empty so

peace shoes dreaded something in the dark
the moon blows up, i get a city
men are lying, all i try to do is shift

you get raisins, we have seeds
hairspray repeats in books
a babys startled history is what she feels

a baby is out but looking out, needing
i think what she feels, after this armchair
you should fold this, alleys of housing

the arthritis moon, foreign anti-oxidants
dont like these mountains, a baby is american
press those baby clothes

dont feel, feel what? i'm like you
clouds, husband; i dont, my bed
thanks, just objects, my mean

sandwiches of neighborhood
dont own her, get quite, very blue
smear her lightbulbs

go with your twelve feelings



i think this is where they fix cars
i think i have to ask shirley
i think this is where the christians
gather to play basketball

i think all my lofts are disappearing
my make-up is in a lake under the sink
that song that kills me got unplugged
and the plug is in a puddle of water

i see movies of convicts that are spiritual
and u see people with their hands behind their heads
i see a man who draws me like i draw with stars
behind my eyes stunned owl eyes

i want to go to a bar and drink mineral water
u dont know me like any other sad sucker
the cops stop people like its just a game to them
even when im too sick to move im still dancing



theres a body and i fold u and i bend the sky
the sky is u and there are poems
there is a bird body and i sculpt u

somewhere in the sky i laminate u
he calls my crows church and i give u that
look he finds her clueless look

angry dumbfounded look with crows
blank look, im not sure crows
i dont care, beautiful

stories about beans, dogs look like disappearing
i cut your edges militia i grimace
swimming i freak

u are supposed to write in every bird body disappearing
direction im not sure yr a crisis i havent the sky with crows
i outline u; i give u a professional swimming edge

my dresses i give u a chisel dont play
i make u permanent my coupons are fadeproof
waterproof, wynonna he's water resistant

calls my bird, u have a fine point
body there, he finds her
i poke holes in u

angrily disappearing, i bend your flaps
im not back, i hole punch u
wynonna is a face god, your words untouched

i am coughing and i flirt with myself
i eat a strawberry and i flirt with someone
my coupons are pianos i havent met yet

dont play with my dresses; i have alot to say
my teeth are coupons that are pianos in the way
wynonna is a face god and i resist u

her disappearing crows, i resist u
dont play with my dresses, i resist u
u are supposed to be swimming

i insist u with crows, i indent u
militia with crow coupons, i water u down
my dresses are not i embolden u

sinister i incise u, i eat chocolate and i stencil u
wynonna, i paste u down
theres a bird body disappearing in my big sky



stars are dark and safe
u paint and if u were half of
i'd try eyes, vellum branch

break two

and if u were stars dark and safe
i'd stencil your face was u
out to give u

i'd cover u in no one would
i can i dont
i know where the hell

but i dont

u look together, would your eyes do
i'd cover vellum, fix more light

like youre sailboats to me
paper seems to sit on your forehead

youre mean, scribble on your face
youre mean and in a rash u tear
wings and cloth ducks

u eat ducks, youre a rash, youre medicine
your eyes and stars and your hands
vellum eyes give u half a face

the moon is a door i think the moon i think
speak with apologies, daddy
i'd stencil your face with broken hands



more than any fluorescent bird
i dreamt u were in my dna
father says enuf, wakes u in your stack pharmacy

amazing girls are rumbling to music
an empty canvas is a lucky man
my head aches with cool stuff

elvinas allergic views
interesting asteroids pull over
move trees of children in a carved desert

agent of those seaweed birds
opposite of realize
im full of everything like helicopters

haystack, im in your moon
your paperweight
allergic to confusion

a testosterone decision
a woman named overtly breath
a woman named the restaurant is

a woman named tomorrow a crayon
loud sunglasses, she's it
amazing american stuff

its almost enough, large language
under her skin, write, open her open
i always do more, dont do anything

then steal she word leech
what need she, she's skin
a woman named god is leaving

metal cow breath, unrequited crayon
elvina she is vegas, is down
a woman named hank breath

a woman named step back
crime-free cattle was ambivalent
interesting horse priorities

step back with your fluorescent bird haystack
a woman named more
a woman wakes, the sun looked like


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