Preaching In Tongues

magiotard rebamos mortem

ahbeo brothemus aebitum

theor noshaht sefirem mahter

my troubled poor tribes semitum


teordom dictum mactearos

reotardarre mogen mitum

miaros strophen abrahamen

rehados cameten editum


triafortanum ignorare!

nabihele lepahen quitum

lobames beatemos o'bottom

my troubled poor tribes semitum


lo! perseverius finite!

oh mortare shlemotten twigen

neaportaria vernitum

nabihele soonskoro edem


yaman! lepakhele! yolohen!

suidishe ebont dischasse!

my troubled poor tribes semitum

norados imminent novasser!



Happy Ocassions

a happy camper cries wolf,
later embraces a bear market

bubblegum explodes in your
but you've been sugarcoated

hollywood squirms under
your tongue
& you make a clicking sound

they keep sending you viruses,
but you disconnected years ago

clinical studies have shown
that you've fallen through the cracks


Preaching In Tongues are
translated by the author from Russian.

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