homo homini lupus
homo homini cow
homo homini loser
homo homini how

homo homini vodka
homo homini volga
homo homini volvo
homo homini vulva

homo homini vobla
homo homini blah blah
homo homini bow
homo homini blow

homo homini watch it
homo homini botched it
homo homini fuck it
homo homini pockets

homo homini beat it
homo homini bullets
homo homini loud
homo homini clouds


to love with a rifle
from a small barrel of the lady's gun
with the beginner's dumb luck
with an outburst of automatic gunfire
with a single gunshot from up close
with inventiveness
with a long-range sniper shot to the neck
to love quietly by cold steel
armed with the newest technologies
or the old way
with cypresses as the backdrop
surrounded by peasants
milkmaids curious children
muffling gunshots
with goats' bleating
with roosters' crow
and the sounds of church bells

to love by air and by sea
under the cover of night downpours
with night vision goggles
to make it happen
like experienced lovers
chosing the most conservative
method: counting to three
to love in a hurry
on the run
looking over shoulder
with a fast-pounding heart

and in reversal
to love madly
with loud moaning
feeling no shame
where anybody can see

Translated from Russian by Igor Satanovsky

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