(a reconsideration of the Apocryphal Book of Enoch)


Chapter 3 - Deerhurst Park Blvd

All who are in the heavens know what is transacted there.

They know that the heavenly luminaries change not their paths.
Then behold the earth, and understand what is there transacted,
from the beginning to the end of it.

They see that every work is invariable in the period of its appearance.
They behold summer and winter: perceiving that the whole earth
is full of water; and that the cloud, the dew, and the rain refresh it.


Chapter 4 - Louvaine Ave.

Then consider and behold every tree, how it appears to wither,
and every leaf to fall off. That October storm fractured every life.

Those trees that did not shed their leaves cracked under the weight
of the ice and snow

In Kenmore there are fourteen trees, which are not deciduous;
which wait from the old, to the appearance of the new leaf,
for two or three winters. Before the terrorists there were tigers.


Chapter 5 - Shepard Ave.

Again Isidore considers the days of summer, that the sun upon it at its very beginning; while seeking for a covered and shady spot on account of the burning sun; while the earth is scorched up with fervid heat, and he becomes incapable of walking either upon the ground or upon the rocks because of that heat.


I am watching the television
12/27/07 10:10:50 AM
Listening to iTunes on my white MacBook
While writing poetry
Benazir Bhutto has just been assassinated
A remake of REM's hit song, End Of The World
As We Know It, set as a sea shanty just chimed
in my headphones.

There is an empty cup waiting.
A dark creeping shadow
Swinging with the lamp.
Tigers trump fires.

I feel strange about it but I place
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
In the DVD player and smoke a pipe.


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