cross clown draft ,table heaving
was a lung a linkage
atmosferico ,rain tumbles on the
nose rancid tooth loosely gleams

clown rinsing ,shrug cloud paws
the swelling closet ("lung") trance
lube a wallow corner focused
,breakage in your pants hoop

rinsing shoe wall ,portion camped
beside yr pocket steam and
lube your breath itching .crouch
beside the street and grin

shoe "cornered" as the truck
.breath cage wavers ,garua nets
the window grin mile ends ,drift
wallet integration ,dis ,wave fades


cornered salad in your cheek
mile turns against end book
blanker ,than profusion windrow ,shape
of crawling spit down wall

salad .pair the mirror and
walk pile ,use a pin
.book and hole ,crash faucet
was your mouth there why

?pair when "halves" unit light
(contraption hole spouts flame or
word ("watch me" (page brink
(gash and tousle (rut keeper

when you blow (nor blew))))))
the beach's shudder ,"gashed" with
noon and ,never climb ,brace
the ladder luggage rafted laughed


you roughage ,blank teeming bush
nooned with drink the .flayed
against the picnic bench ,reach
nimbus buzz unmine yr hat

roughage ("ought") slather tube puzzle
,slack yr urine picnic fuzzy
landmine cable cross yr tongue
gleaming like a pizza (forest

ought to) crave the crossing
.ouch .nab blangit was you
cuddly urine and a soda
.prints of starkness all muddy

,to finger much .sore I
mumbled in ah cave muddy
rinsage you spat out like
dog urethra ,called the crowd


"finger" was ,or boots shambled
heaves in a leak win
them over ,barrel of sand
"dog" ,weather ,snuck ,leech ,fumbly

was ,pantsless in the wind
ah heaven .in a shovel!
mi adelantado !guiame to the
trackless guide to shaking all

pantsless thin kleenex on yr
face why write on me
yr guide shovel all the
index clinkers .trace the oil

thin cross ahead a roiling
street shoot inside blew face
.flood the .rump passion the
on "table" wrote "cloud grime"


grime oil all fumbly
crowd muddy forest hat
laughed keeper why wall
fades grin hoop loosely

the the the sand
like soda tongue reach
brace brink faucet shape
drift crouch focused the

linkage lube lube the
blanker book word noon
against landmine cuddly rinsage
them mi yr flood

nose breakage beside wallet
of was gash the
nimbus gleaming prints dog
dog trackless index on


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