* Dart Mummy & The Squashed Sphinx *

know-bodies, devoted we to under-do for you
every Sunday-day of dressy morning, black pond,
sky's germs, chairs' ponds - prove it, stain!
us, rain-free & orphaned, we're living laboratories
the lab's insectoid emptiness is full of me -
throat, blade. - full to brimming - throat, blade.
it's like all the big stories were stitched together
into dead tiny sisters, forgive my absence's speed,
dead tiny sisters, I'm just trying to think under
your mouths' shadow erasing my bones
my smoke-ring's puncture used five drops of sweat
your footprint turned thumbprint 'round my lab door
your nails scratched the Anytime into hours
the years I have left are like tree-branches & stars:
no one will notice if a few turn up missing or
show up ahead of schedule, I was just wondering:
are explosions of lab doorsteps an accessible talent?
ruins room you, you sit on bright grass, watch for me
where the dusty break has been pushed to residue
haunted already bright we're up by a hundred X-rays
oiled in passing, in wild deceit, pushed to residue
here where the autobiographical is kept in vats
out here where your tongues are stalactites
flooded picture shore we're those stored inside for later
kept in red ragged sleeping line, now you're squashed
into a sphinx's skin weighing me upon your palm in
lieu of finer instruments, what happened to your
love of fog, my dead tiny sisters squashed in this skin?
under the lab's shadow the moonlight is in the sky
& behind the Earth's throat I'm dumb as the Sphinx
I got stones in my voices, these stones now Pyramids
& Sphinxes, annnnd: Laboratories, ... I found your
thumbprint in my mouth, full to brimming - throat, blade.


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