Nap tnur

nap or socks or lunge or drool or
pump suck or lamp pants or clod
rinse or fuel cloud or shunt
trap or gill or gol or keehc or guls

tied of glue

when I dropping all the knockers
downing sinks or clueless ffotlem
sticking to my nasal cube my
fan face cooking toward the lips

roast for egnahc

beep and nod and tur and ekohc and
rule sore and pod simp and err cloud
and spoon flunk and gur pmad and fug
slot and sink and hsag and tnur


Soap crawling

soap you cabled all the stinking?
randled all the posting? all the
plopping spandex? grease inhaled?
tassels? comber rinsings? tubal ligations?

ashed of mouth

cram salad clotted nabbers or
you delbmuf lla eht chiming at eht
stunning faucet like a closet tsud
a poultry jacket dragging on a hook

shot for use

stirred the oil toilet core of
stubble growth and ,ecirp dalas
or your dripping wallet stuttered
for the bent guts your whispered crawling


Dung lock

dung I troubled smally trashed
like rebmob dauqs a stink leader
,fumbling toward a ,staem regguls
,gush trance stacking all the log balls

soup of drench

beet and pule pocket and life rink
and blank boat and knurhs snel
and plink goat and pool sang
and plop shut and clustering

clod for shore

the drain miles ponder nap itch
you caged the rehcnip kolhcs
dance sorter cubed like head for
thinks lard before the drowning lock


Snore steak

snore I drank your plunking
dimwit powered with a drut tsud
lunch soaked with urine and a
pea bmoc detsurc lung and spoon

cheek of spores

.flogged the slacks yet drumming
.dragged the sdolc yet mooning
.flagged the rods yet thumbing
.clogged the skcas yet blooming

drip for wind

sear the teliot noitcapmoc knocking
powder sot nappy choker loot you
stacking sleeply in the moordeb air
pocket fingers groping through the steak


Dumps door

dumps the rabbit at yr ankle
peach rot ,a delbmut dworc wiper
palm dry as basement flooding the
long pill retsulc tamping smoke

eseehc of sponges

lapped encased - tbuod egaggul ­ cuke
- sot turner ­ fort or funnel ­
bleep and said ­ the crawl ­ sunk
rinsing ­ tent a sieve ­ shats

floor for soddens

plucked and smorgasbord ,buy a
warc remmah for the sdik that
snuffling at yr shoe now drip wet
stepping wols retaw at the blaze door


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