your eyes look like a hospital
the hospital was a secret
that speaks and thinks
like a body

it is not twisted and it keeps the mouths phone
i love your short eyes when jade dances

my eyes are this too, opaque it is
all this jungle wants love to lose

love loses where they end in your head

your heart is and your rivers
the winds are hard and the valley
thinks about stupid things

it smells like summer here like a brat
across the dance floor and it never lies

recapture the ache, the city fell
nights nightmare howled
i'm mountains, let go

your complaints are cold for a shadow
your smog and your snow this weather
i want

what rivers did to not get a haircut

give me difficult stages

a cold



i'll look for u horizontally in the mountains
its a long reach to the sea
when u reach the citys papers
the incision, the beret

my long music in the desert, be in there
with your gown, with your pockets
jesus christ flies off with his words

in the seamstress hair, she tumbles in the zoo
he acts like a forefinger with his timber music
a righteous thing

commerce the horizon in your pockets

retractable gangster theology
u sound like u come to any

landscape venomous
she saves your pocket cubes

fire like a needle like a domniplex
theology takes, it'll be there pristine

i'll look for u in grandfathers economy
i've been this courteous before

it doesnt take the town, your hands
are looking for someone, u'll be steroids
i buried my son

when i wasnt looking, comes
and u were venomous, youre mad
and u take shakespeares fire, take me there

shakespeare sends u air with your paper gangster hands

forefinger mind cubes in your stems
dont mind some birds are like youre mad

in your stepsisters process
seamstress u economy she devours

when lulu needed the trees



she is always so cranky as an internationally
requested speaker; her lecture spans something

she is highly experienced and jaded
she is always so cranky in the heart

of the valley, she is the only saliva, she is a diva
she is popular and the only one

she is a member of the e, she is comfortable
in the unfazed and a devotee of grant preparation

she is visiting your long list of credits in your hands
she is an exceptional clinic, she teaches privates

she is in charge of u.s. highway 83
she is a vehicle for it, dont be too literal

she is already my favorite, she is perky queen of
she is excellent speaker, she worship, she is

true professional, she can, she is described
by her superintendent and she is mad cow

she is most caring sharing woman ovulation test
she is escort, she is puzzled and she aint

she is real estate agent, known as a real agility nut
pull her and she will go, she is currently not a murderer

she is such we fell in love tonight
she is totally commited to your success

she is graduate of shapiro school
and the wastewater treatment plant

she is dining,she is responsible for all phases
she is no longer actively involved

she is back in cleveland and enjoys gardening
and walking, she is in danger, she is often our

phantom member, she is you all, she is once upon a
she is recognized, she is also music director

for contemporary true heads, she is and she
makes the job happen; she is speaking, well.



jesus lives in australia and he is breathing or a stepladder
love stings back in your former firm things

jesus loves to burn around and divorce the cholesterol abyss steroid
someone goes in and around and dont mind if i splash in your star

in your stowed foot, so shakespeare says realistic love is in your hand
and its diverse but how i say if love stings, their hands are in berlin

if love is a dog, an electric weird troublemaker sock
the pool is a troubadour; jesus is in australia with his scallions

without fingers in the sun; go dark ugly lizards i say
eyes without a dog in the paint, the pancake people burn jesus' fingers

in the annoying fog, love found your clothes and architectural pancakes
an ionosphere is moderately funnel-shaped and righteous

strange literary work, their circle is disturbing
christ acts like he's destitute and she disappears

with your goose legend and the mountains are an institute
she disappears cringing in my head like red berries

the thought in my head is still an institute for unfeeling mountains
she's pinching an ion goose, in your eyes she likes fabric

your goose legend speaks like a houseguest and harrases you
sexually, u act like a face in the ionospheres' hot goose legend



lemon darkness works into understanding seagulls
go google love in your cut-up machine clouds
soothe sandpipers spellcheck stars
review crumbs, arizona fish globule

toothpaste disintegrates studhorse piano feet
the door was blue against brads laws
brainswashed tiger business in ohios
laughing snow eyebrows, nerd music

coffee clinks a burlap spleen, glazed pea intestines
voices of pine toys, vaganova paint oboe aardvarks
falling girl rant, jacuzzis raisin rivers, experiments
curl in your condiments earth, flower dogs

acid big foot, even his skin is the worlds windows
ionosphere noodle casings, spider crime
the dog fell there in the blue drink
speak she breathes machines

tinkerbell at the pre-war, jelly splitting your meat
dahlia space, oxygen playwriting, rabbit waitress
flossing appendix motel, moon steak mud this
eye snake, tree ache, pleasant people on the wall tar

artifice titled in the night, in the night jars, sense your
fang gloves, cowboys heart curved, breathe chairs
your teeth bonnets again, jaguars bronx cartilage

sopped hand onions, eyelids out the chariot
business cartoon, downstairs your drape is dripping
folding food for france, getting gods gossip
manzanita milk minced meat more mountains

my natural navigable negative new no nonsensical
noodles, scaffold seagulls sense the severed shadows
shapely shaving, she's shy sidebrows, sign the significant
silence of singing sirens, sister skill small soda somewhere

such sudden sunflower transmitting trapezoidal tumult
twang twirl typical uncle unless unravel up voodoo
wild winters of winter word wyomng your zebra zen


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