Fools In & Out of Love

No regrets.
Fortunately, youth isn't eternal.
It stays in the same person
For only a short time
Then moves on to the next candidate/victrim.
The pluto platter outlived the hula hoop.
Frisbee was an old man before his time.
Have a flexible head and a bigger stage.
The younger you are
The better you get treated
By what seems like a distant past.
Jealousy of hair seems like a long time ago.
The appearance of strangulation
Requires voluntary tears today.
Hit this jukebox; live singers start dancing.
These possessed need an outing with children.
When the trees melt, it's clear to see
You've been hit by a quark or a supernova.
The leader of the pack is back
With his name for a belt of flashing lights.
Thank you or me, the flowers bloom.
Having been grabbed by the face
By an actress trying to kiss the wrong man
Or avoid him, I resign myself
To existence for a moment's interlocutor.
It passes. I become a shadow once again.
Jealous women or men are a scene I need not join.
Painted leather makes for strange weather.
When words replace things,
Most fall asleep to dream.

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