Shoulder Should

Slack the remong in the lunging paste the
spinrut in the pustule shingle the romut in
the messkit liam the piston in the rebbolc
corn the gniknaps in the doorlock fan the
resuort in the forelock train the ssensiub in
the cancer


Come Flaking

When the tubal crack folds your gnimool
when the spotty sock crowds your retsim
when the gun spent sews your gnignir when
the pus esnir swac your whirling when the
wind double molts your gninihw when the
strum femur fouls your gnicnef when the gas
runoff drums your licnep


When To Stumble

Before you list trance or gnignib.
Before you clam cow or gninrub.
Before you dunk clue or gnivlehs.
Before you bash thought or gnimmurts.
Before you couch rabbit or gniknird.
Before you stump boom or elbmurc.
Before you gosh meat or gniggals.
Before you moon nuts or gnigac.
Before you drive wet or gnimmurd.


How To Hitch

1) Blend your bmuht drink your flop
2) Flay your tsohg pat your meal
3) Find your dehsur knuckle your bees
4) Mind your edahs lung your rustle
5) Flood your puc drench your belt
6) Bile your eohs lung your bleach
7) Fund your hsurc lurk your dance


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