hello, this is my country
ice in my eye
im not interested

it has been proven the ice is shitty
false ice of mine, the eye is somebody
internal with a possible tone

this country is beyond congealing
calm white me, the pain of the boat
man, a man you open

wife of the rain
he works, he is calm in the rain
under ones burdens

who is my ice slide
hello, i form a country
because the rain is a false eye

hello, my inner country forms
independent probable mast
tiredly visualizes a calm way

a white ship of the man, woman country
this shitty tax, they enter shitty country
this calmer wife lowers the rain to them

i do not love his wife
it seems that the rain is in place
the shoes are always spaceships

because the rain is false, i design your eye
shitty shitty tired country disappears
a calmer country road

the country calms me under rain
your country is in my shoes
he says dribble on a country

this country is beyond a wafer
the ice is shitty, fatigued by wafers
the ice of a man in april

calm the rain down the boat
hello, i form your country
because of the rain i conceive your eye

hello itself, display it on a calmer highway
the wife is under the rain
the word hello goes

your country is noninterested in shoes
their country is shitty
you are in your country

your wife is under the rain
hello, this country is my eye
it has proven my ice is shitty

your eye is someone possibly inside a shitty tone
then this is a country beyond, calm down a white man
an ice man you open me

counterfeiting ice skates are always ships
white man woman because rain is in your false eye
the country is shitty, enter the country

hello, this country is ice in my eye
the wife is a relative of the rain
because of rain my false eye says hello



anybody forms an empty space
the order of baltimore does not
do not shout outside

the circumstance with sinewy people
the end of the city
that i have u

the beers, the nervous beauty
read the it in april
the necessities after that snow

the forest of that rectangle
i think i have the mountain
with the buddhist loop of tension

the united states is frightened
i deviated not from a cry
boring my ridiculous life

nervous grace is the sky
the way of meredith
such a way

the laws of nite roll during the day
open outside with this because
the house dreamed it rolled me

require the snow of the united states
the forest falls, u very require very $2
final it

a loop of stress, u snow on them
solve the pages with the nervous people
i do not thank myself

i like the dance of the calculations
u destroy it, u have to have it
its locking empty beds forward

need me after the snow
you do not have to scream
the sky is such a method

it reads the nite
in the daily paper
the house needs me

i strengthen u
the cycle needs snow
peoples sinewy buddhist grace

the rollback is frightened frightened
the dove of appraisal
the end of the city

u do not have that to cry out
because the house is me
needed after that snow



look, its tough
look at your elbows
he goes with elbows

who gets to keep the dismissal of the man
as he rests at his window of control
like a cat to cash was cold
a pipe zoo, an evaluation

my coat is out

i am under your eyes longitudinal
very scared, cross with it
the floor only travels
question a patient, borrow an eye
im hedgehopping

im malevolent, go for lady one

a credit rating
i feel like passing out instead
the rain
falls with profits
play cad dirty
an elbow girl, girls dirty limpid
an eye, i've a radioactive house
one is ill in the rain, frozen horse ballets
reef ruler
im a cat alone in the garden
a painter wants mornings
the dove inside chemistries
cliffs with the word move
im wearing a mans framework

lady, move a man

surprised by my volatile soil shampoo
deflated speech zoo
borrow his morning view everywhere

frightened bathrobe
history is thoughtless

ballets atomic fall

the secretary of that horse

the candy is sick
sit on a comfortable groove
in the gang rain

look sugar, laugh like a modified go know a fallout

secretary, feel my painter
the money takes profits from a handle
your eyes were property in the mud

a man is a dove



china is ohio, baby oysters to obstruct
talking like your tv is 800 octobers in your head
fill a tooth, the airport toys are disposable

i hop like nearby is a nylon goose
look, in your head; i need them
busy in ohio, wristwatch barley

naked night because losing danger
is dangerous in your tv, fish nose
ohio is black snow to black snow

your tv is in ohio in a diaper panorama
ohio dot bacon hops, a shame the tv
rains pedestrian skin

like toys are leather penicillin soup
your head is talking like no hazelnuts
like your tv is for rent in china

frozen area code prayer
night in the door's priest price
private ham next to the tv's eye

dental prothesis hops like rain
i dont feel well, ohio
good evening, you fuel tank
is talking; china means lady wife?

toy eyes to lock, spinach to push
baby worm income, wonderful
to undress yourself

hop in the dirty window
splash her in the airport
ohio falls in the rain

healthy fish jokes at the worm drive-in
toys are ohio's worms, im a hole
i lack baby, hop hop hop

genocide opens ohios rain
free from leaves, what says baby
i'm dirt, i'm disappearing force

gravity is like im it, happening
u grew income, she's air
your head is in your head

ohio is out, i lack baby soup
baby worm fire, i lack baby nearby
later, god is a hole in the street

tangled hair bats down your shoulder
dinner has dinner, a helicopter is
man things, genocide hole

baby hops when people are bloody
brings your bats down, u break what
u cannot cannot change

u in the street, 2 bats break the door down
no problem, peaches; tinkerbell needs
a blood test, the city is a gecko in tinkerbells curtains

god prays about things in tinkerbells curtains
gecko cannot pray and brood in your head
the city gets ready to know the difference

for tinkerbell, u have to get ready
tinkerbell cant get ready for that thing
you head is a corner where gecko broods

so much shoulder to fall into
god squeezes things, i cannot pray
change the things that brood in a corner

what would u recommend for someone like me?
what would u recommend if u were in the corner


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