Ancient Weaponry

grown to metronome encounter play
as blown pineal flays the lecture
mist that played where ambulant glue
feels known to reel its mounted dome
in pleasure's plaited core decree
gathers crossed patents blatant seat
forming legendary storm mornings
to amulet flagellant estuaries
flowing below elated glowering
shades of blatant panegyric
stowaway matter in the hold reforming
hull vipers raging beneath the steed
a waste of amber taste its ancient fluid drifts
grown mightily to strut its nightly umber
takes abridge to shadowed passage
upstage left of coral bridling
suites of shell its self-dismay
unbridled at the shredded wedding
turbulent as aching stitch vessels
clamoring a campfire sea
its imprecations reek pulsation
past lingering dollops strewn as fluid
warming past its prime of envy
a glamour thrown aboard the fins
of steady goblets reaching forward
formulation takes the hindmost
dissuasion wears its crossed-gun clamp
singing storms their ancient weaponry
rattling castor mollusk glue
a clue to the latent saber in the dust


Feeding Off

Surely their periphrastic isomers
speak truths of cataleptic ruin.
From pre-born nuptial causeway stanchions
a misdated chronology beckons
adjacent crossroads to redundant futures.
Bid nascent pause to roadway clamors
reeking tarred noon, reckonings
unfeathered past stately swaggers
ordinal as calibration mustard.
Ragged in their weighted sweep
past laundry distances, unpleasured nomads
eke incontinence. Betrayals under warmth
turned passe as weeping jagged concretions
- against the will, aghast. Maple frontage,
vinyl tidings allay the furtive crescent's grating moan
or terminal lantern modules shed
the night's pleated ruin. Against ringing trousers.
vapid discontent annealed floodlamp apocrypha
dining under ways as means or rude definitions,
passage its transparency. Massing opacity,
barreled as crude as empty gases,
harrows the sows of distraught reapers
creeping inside. Nearing shadows
where vast cartilage teases ailing, sundry
massacre factories. Their totems, untold
millions, own favors past due,
turning their reception cold as sweat


Journey of the Making

Entrailing libidinal pancake scars,
to smear the bow means to grudge
assailant passengers the skiff
awaiting arrows of faded pursuit:
trembling aghast colloidal admixture,
trembling remnant. To boot,
the core of ancient junctures
waylaid parsimony rafters, assembled
testimionied feats of parceled wattage.
Recumbent lozenges on shuffleboard.
Calling all footage! Calling all footage!
Where labor's last placenta bids,
where favor's past incentives kid
new footage to seek & find & allay
the moaning testimony's morning scar,
shining byte in the sky plurals as legend
or swindled magic. Cupping its coffers,
a crafter fiddling its theorem wager
offered a candlestick-humored lilt
to parlor mistresses cameled back
to the beat of primeval water.
Against plumed wattage's ancient score
unsettled with its blatant briding
a surface more or less bent.
The interface came invented,
back to where the settlers nettle score


Medium Rare Future

befitting western ditty bop
masters medium at massage
parlays everywhere unfold
secrets of their festive glue
emboldened by force of cliche
to stray the distant mile dispatch
or trestle wedge the vapor's due
course the primal footage
who sent the dead messenger
welling crossbones where
imperative pineal asterisks aghast
against the floorboard pedaled
frenzy's aching dynamo urging
sequestered homily fragments
baring cleavage as a cut of meat
demands its satisfaction needing
retrogradient determination fossils
leaking envy granules or slow
detergent bidding laundered futures
where sultry quagmires persist
in distant enmity searches
for slumbering icons lost
in wooded days impasse
the wagers at the forlorn grate
breathing a bet of dead air


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