Bottoming the Line


Arboreal lucite punditry
established viscount threadbare
noggin conglomerate

ensued lichens poured the floor
coarse berry snatchers on mandate
redolent attractions

octagonal madness
& its grated opticon essential
to fast geometry splitters

module clavicles radar
seminal reflex sewage butter laid to waist
hips narrow satyr's gauntlet

enslaved unshaven
nostrils aplenty gird the bridge
& frigates ensue

wastrel pastries

Organic Alchemy


Subjugated needlework blessings
marrowed at conjugal width per se,
a motive less transient than trying
out. Word occlusions in facile display
gorged conjugated missives, detached
fireworks display at loyalty oats,
enamored reptilian fungal sweats
where their slits narrowed to eyes.
Abeyant rapture fashion lingual executives,
beloved crystalline pulp machination
bearing jubilation in superscript
penetration. Illegal entreaty to grovel
thankful forfeiture to the forth kind
ambling. Sidewall pocket strips slipping
their reptile thermometers where
angels fear to dread, near walking
strips mauled across inveigle carriers
in transient pastries of the mind
elliptical as swayed footing.
Where matters shorn nest treaties
in goblets of health, under worn
snatched out from under where,
voltage ancillary response shredders
dance airily upon earnest invitations
from strangers incandescent against
the seminal moonlight. Scores of vintage
dowagers shedding redundance
the way of all, fat bladdering acrimonious
nostrils to the scandal of their eastern
lumbago. Artichoke vespers hinting
mutiny as a tradition of sedition
torn by the mournful ranks gathering
to lather fate with its own rather
punctilious hush, accruing the entrails
for the parsimonious scavenger
pointing its thread at the aimless
enemies. Occipital as the squidlong
day spreading its tentacles across
dead vestibules, carboxyl groups
contained their air of insularity.
Propellants tossed their feet to the wind,
fingers, first last and often,
accelerating the crotch residue



Power Strikes


bottled dawn immersion
welters the sweat-filled volley
saline as lumbered pitch
or vestibule harsh with making
a greet of slender dishes
matriculation spoons as shadow
molecules swollen under light
or water pitched to the last
batter of cake and missives
dropping eggshell craters distant
as past futures stopping well
before consumers fawn
over dead applicant trenches
lathered and drenched with holly
cutlets revealing utter bathos
overflowing bubbles and laundry
factors in growth retention
and molecular contrapuntals
playing to new modalities
as yet unswitched or bartered
along cascading pyramids
a dalliance of meteor showers
advancing the power of alliance
across their broken skies


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