interim parasol guidance couture
abbreviation's corneal panorama
mature espadrille omelet coronation
pigtailed wobble in goblet deluxe
sensations imbue slowing relation
to stratagem remorse, fitful as mordant
screams, precursor dim paramours
receding the trembling mist or its
blistering repose in the pineal tornado,
deliquescent coronado's reluctant peal
bemusing its tritone parameters,
regardless the bolstered foreflux
ventured its forth, reversal to directions
unknown or ventured, servile as a static hat
limping crustacean memoirs badly
cracked or tendered, summer vacant
stratagem deluxe nor ampere standing
to shadow, its nuanced invective
branding relief into weltered spectra
somnolent as dead imperatives
riding glacier herds across the artifact
of fashion, past luster or grating luminaries
brimming fashion on a spreading seat


Moneyed Love

Infidel bordello massacre, low scrutiny applied.
Supplicant meters, well over the pride of mutineers,
bounty their half-shell umbrage. Slattern vector
sized importantly, recording: sly codes murmur

their thistle's autumnal grease. A panty hold
imbued first metric gristle, pleasing old tricks
askance their levity's whistle dance in the dark.
Venues happenstance removes the wistful tease,

encoding transferred. Groves implanted loading
teeth, their dollared grins slanted slightly inward.
Tightly inured to love's mutiny in shattered groves,
scattering authority's dusk to mendicant lenders,

rattling sages paradigm thrust their future
lineage, a paramount engagement: whistling in
the dark lutenist music, bending tonal cleavage,
mounting the spry murmur so ill conceived.

Passing Presents

Intimate railroad softeners,
deluxe apparel in the offing
of drive-by displeasure, displayed
a daunting leisure in the face
of debt enclosures. Interim posters
load bettors, more often than
reciprocal pastry sewage burns
nasty tapestry fumes. Redux
the next measure. Often its receding
crux looms everlasting. Discordant
taxes haunt restless gossamer
bedding, a reddened ceramic future
broken. To carry on the structural
elimination blooms concrete extract.
Via duct or portal to incremental cryogenic
mortality fissures regenerate issue.
Flux tablet ratio fixations blasting
gaunt harbingers that spring.
Peril as pink flight didactic wanting
deadened disclaimers assured
breezes novocaine winds, a head
insured the threat of posterity inured
to flaunting goblets. Unloading
reluctant marrow lace regrets fondly
the threats historic wants renew.


Urbane Reflecting

Peripheral lucite panegyric triad
loosens the fad. Tending ocular riffs
or lifting magisterial precis assemblage
lightens before dawn triangulation
banners, gone despite the padding
comforters of cotton-mouthed rhetoric
swamping their designer moccasins.
Where kinder templates renewed,
old transparencies rendered ineffectual
as gifts of precise intention flattered
the gone. Before its rendered artifact
or tactic long vented in the cold,
breezing verbiage kept it, withheld,
apparently, or less, a sorely invented
triumph, raging at the empire gates.
Or, under a similar grating stance
of circumference, arrowed straight
as the faded arc the triumph displayed
along the inquiry's projected line.
Their pantry horses uplift illicit spirits,
ferret omnibus satchel chasers
from the weeding recently overgrown
to proportions whose distortion rings
true to overtime goblets at the carousel
mutiny. Apportioned a backslider's disarray
or noon spent betting hedges on transfer
relays, legends crash against a regaling moon
at half-crescent. Indecent implosion
regrets its half-time denial. Its course
races through, slender subtones chasing
the last breath of its jaded lament.


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