trees know u are cute
2 tsp of who cares
ate the hearts skypox
u dont get to say kmart
and i just glared at her

mrs open the sky liked that
vanilla horses ate shampoo
i find someone or i fax kmart
her very emotional twisted
red grandpa

we're in who the hell cares
cloud bandleader, a forest
a politician for 75 cents
cute pox, i say
a flood of emotions
know u are cute and
accidents i cant sew

its safer to name a song
and i say 2 tsp of who cares
she is crawling in his head
i have the moon and i take her up

i run and i wrap and im concerned
i think u have it in the nite and look backwards
up at the stars, the moon has a quilt baby
trespassing in u and tv in new mexico

beds down seagulls close yr fear
then u say down soul pillows
i dont like real baby toes
i think yr mother is vacuuming
the moon down seagulls

if u ask me nice in finland
with someone dumb
i cant hold baby toes backwards
avoiding a piano on the ski lift
when i walked out
the white rain embossed u

with someone dumb
and buried u
yr make-up drinks fish
cfids, im spiderman
if u ask im a door on dreams
husband, come grab the moon
with yr baby life


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