baguette music, birds without eyes
echo the moon, so yr reptilian

theres a girl of leather scream
the freeway is the freeway

i dont want green wildlife, his cup of rain
like an instant pelican grabs the ocean

bites a breeze in their teeth
in my hand chaos chases

triangle sandwiches in their hot tub
goat baby teeth likes something

my husband is burning with mist
of a theater company, blue sandpaper

sunset sandwiches that drip with rain
a moon war bored like baby stars

i get mad and chase a girl with long chaos
my husband is burning dolphins, movie stars

i dont want green wildlife girl and the wind
is her resolved clutch



war house


baby kept my boom
i'm only red mermaids

u think pianos swim across moon pipes
u think pianos are dick cheney

i said no or deep berlin
what do u mean long eyes, she's the war

psychologically it seemed sunset
stuck to priests of plutonium

i dont believe u dried out birds
a bored bird watches t.v.

baby skin alfredo sauce
in the soup small dark cars

in the oatmeal my stars are better
sure i am guinea pig pasta

he is deep; i cant carry the moon
he has no idea

he swims in planes so dont try it
what were dogs, june?

a bored bird, yarmulkes and stars
dried out birds i dont believe u

psychologically what do u mean
i said no or u think pianos

people were in my pajamas
it seemed nice for nobody

my stars better in the oatmeal
mermaids watch tv



meat burn


i cd be war hairspray lizard
i cd be war hairspray bitch

i cd be negative bom
i dont feel broken

i cd be negative
or pretend yr a skateboard

i cd be a nice negative lizard clerk
lighten my news, slowly bom

yellow funk scud spells
i wish u lightened my news

conservative holocaust
skateboard maiden

trampoline, pretend yr a nice lizard
or pretend yr a skateboard bitch

yr a nice negative
skateboard bitch



oneonta moon


im using yr central gluestick
im a challenge bilateral
momentary care tool
like i hear u were tall

snow is falling tv screens
jubilation speak
u live like bandaid
face is burning frozen

nonverbal like antibiotics
the moon the moon
u register me
whales baguette music to avoid chaos

wildlife woman with demeanor chinese
it feels like its snowing frozen eyes
god twisted her oneonta moon
dolphins like my snowing museum

my face is sewing hitlers
she sings as i sleep
bluen when furniture draws he only melted
in the chinese apple

he's only chinese furniture dont
looked like silverware tongue burning
fenugreek ripping my scarves
flowers of upset birds in the system

the moon has figs to erase
moon it, oneonta it
u live like u are sewing my jubilation hand
oneonta, where is it?

i hear momentary birds challenge someone
no horses anywhere for texture
chinese moon wheelchairs
twisted yr picasso apple; god like a forced visit



the moon is raw


even the fingerless horse lawyer
sews the moon thru my smog
u dont make me the moon

raw television moves thru my smog
by the way, eagle bone:
sedonas cold breath dont fix

a word i concentrate on
my musical re-runs sew
the moons bird bowls

shiver and burn the wind thru my tv
because the wind had red smog
without an air-conditioned gazelle

u think u are re-runs sewing the moon
u think u are sewing my musical tripods
because yr face is america

with empty eagle bone eyes
i dont like to empty my bowls
yr face is america, the tvs asleep

u think u are the moon
u think u are sewing the empty moon
yr face is the moon

i drew monsters u think u are
dont even fix eagle skin and how
u go around my musical

are u husband, remember
even on her sunset
i have smog breath dreams

u think u are liberated
because the moon is raw television
the television breathing america

u think u are liberated because the moon is raw
the moons starving yr big wait
the moon who makes office no spiritual

u dont make the moon emulsion
breathe seagull cheesecloth
yr face is stars i dont like

are u husband, because nothing
is inside an air-conditioned gazelle
u think u are a horse lawyer sunset


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