Liberation After Liberation


No jungles junk jingles singles bars just Mars around here.
Marsh people drained to a desert the size of New Jersey. No cuchi tunnels
copter fire cop a feel monkeys on anyone's back. Nobody's going to forgive
and make nice later, move to California and open restaurants and nail
parlors. Infested by everyone and their mothers since before time began,
they might have even invented time taxes and death. Imagine the grudge
sludge oil yummy desertification soil degradation no dinar. Just pull up an
Ottoman and relax your tassels. Dog tags won't rust. Unable to dust
fingerprints off a sand dune twice the size of Idaho hold the potatoes. You
need blowjob you get blowback. No backing out now if you want dessert.
What's in a name, a bomb by any other blowing up a face in the marketplace
would stink the same. Genghis Khan means World Conqueror. Then the Tartars
came with their saucy blood and got busy for forty days, smashing up canals
and pots. Political confusion, rapid deterioration of settled agriculture
leading to growth of tribally based pastoral nomadism. History always
sounds familiar. But don't blame the rapee for the rape, okay? This is
just one mini-series in a long civilization. Credit is due to the genes
that managed memory. Wouldn't you know it, a flood then a plague did them
in again, then those reclining Ottos pointed from a comfy spot in the
parlour. And the Young Turks, in cahoots with zee Germans.

Kingdoms kingdoms kingdoms, horses repeat to themselves when it
looks like they're chewing. Short wars on hungry people as the sheiks eat

It's 5:45 a.m., March 23, 2003. Do you know where your child
is? Firing a Tomahawk, ma'am. First casualty: Native American private,
the real patriot.

And now poor coda, you're as long as a whole symphony. Perhaps
till infinity.

No gorillas no mist. The sad recruits bow dodging the stage of operations.
The fourth wall of this theater is pretty pissed at non-union wages. The
rations are so, well, icky. The women so unfuckable. Morale not high or
low, just not, like those famous WMDs causing murderous PMS. You guys were
told to take a city, so turn off that girlie tearduct and go peacekeep. Go
pile up bricks, go bang your pricks against the wall if you're bored. What
did anyone want here for 4000 years? War after war, you really can't get
out to visit. No place to hide. Can't understand snide remarks. If the
people curse, they spit. If they smile, it doesn't show.

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