phrenologue (how c/happed these quillows be)
commingles w/ unction(f)
ergo promenade with me
I dasn't cameo y/our boulder

renault my daph- be dedix
cornerstonnage (implicate) dried
luna (watch!) the nix
on this beluga (et voila!)

is island necessarily la meme chose
(a viola) as inland more comedic say
than poses (enter sanctit
y) my large undross come kneel

bestride t/his textorn obbligat-
and say-so will have meant one
thing not just
this other (clam/p shut more leverage th/an . . .)



to im
and I
will t
not to


dance only to white song

lime feathers chastity like brain down

assimilates worn chalice erosive as Wyoming wind

via baptism of the living moments

wine rain blesses home

tomorrow kindred in a vibrant line



jasmine sans perfume tonight
only the sharp to moderato tea
none else the shape of taste
a twinge of strength

there are days ahead like children
lanking toward a daybreak of their own
I'm miniscule within the cumulus environment
and now some forthright mildening

chief architect of the horizon saints me
like a floral wreath and in particular
terrain leafs through my streaming
longhand as you live in and around and through me

suppose a strange small reflex remains good enough
and then redeem it, copy, save and print, or just
internalize there is one loved, one to supply with
all I am is all I am


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