Explanatory Notes #0006

the pipeloop series is from paul whitney's www.the-hyper-age.com

the title of the series is derived from the use of the pipe character as
the only punctuation mark usage with the exception of the question mark
which is used sparingly - the pipe character is very good for creating
text blocks - it is a strong visual punctuation mark - because it is so
strong i needed to offset some of this by using the question mark - the
question mark takes away some of the strong declarative power of the
pipe character - so these two characters each with their individual
properties function well together as literary elements

the text content is drawn from three sources - one is eroticsm/pornographic
material - one is global military and political operations - one is the old
and new testaments - with regard to the five books of moses and the bible i used
every english version i could find - so there are 10 or so versions all
combined in the pipeloop series

i chose these three themes deliberately - one of my personal interests is in
the dichotomy of sexual attraction or desire and violent conflict or repulsion - these
seem to be the two driving forces that control our human condition - it appears
that we are either desiring something or rejecting something - the little
knowledge i have gained from my superficial exposure to different world
religions is that they all mention this dichotomy and describe it as a
condition that the human being suffers - and that this condition is the symptomology of the physical nature of man - and that spiritual well-being and peace is found through freeing oneself from this condition

desire and disgust and freedom from desire and disgust is confusing
to me and seems impossible to resolve

pipeloop is a series that expresses my personal spiritual struggle

august highland


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