Case manage your own depth. Assort
Me llamo noblesse just as though
You were alert all on your own.
Hypothesize the impact modesty might
Chafe until a window holds the globe
Intact. Ironically the beast holds
Sway. The guest lect- safely leaves
The podium escorted by
Left hook of nest.
Will this be on the test?
Perpetual deliberation strikes
Half twelve and prima fascia
Nectar moistens leather,
Moistens breast.
Encampment comes to equal
Body of work¸ salt brush,
Sea tablets, lawns away . . .

And these infectious slept
Configuratia primpt right where
We know them. Ripe or
Slivered or full-flexing
In the wearing night
Fall weathered by, for peat
Moss edible contagion flanks
The liturgy and pumice
Toned to leak its solace
In a repertoire by chance.

Repetez après moi,
Said silver, said the stone,
Said alpha wavelets primed
To sweep the sand,
The loaves, the code.
Most lines are open at a moment's
Notice. One has safened
The expanse of old precocion
Then and there, a trump
Is left to liven how it
Fares when one has
Brittled thereby lived within
Remorse, also reverse.


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