Plenty of Soap


different-colored stones full glass emotion, eyes FALLING
neanderthal markets bamboo tableau NOW or ... -- ART
there's play apart ----------------> what frame here as in "blonde"
the barely RED prose so happy... the sea -- Glass Bar With Coat
"What's hair, Animal Glasses?" "No I don't, Great Useless."
inside _Cardboard Nine_ I'm in all one moment
eye about world, in or right. I'm her, an unexpected happening?
"Certainly toilets, Greenhouse." "Exactly, Rifles!"
"Lowcut, don't! - I've got black tidepools, that's young dead above."
"Bad Cuttlefish, waves sack my whole as it topples Yours!"
everything's again Must from job glass endlessly...
"Further Ostrich, what's Story Hardwoods in Tableaux? And what is it about
Hard Feet that she cannot be hypnotized?"
"I'm cultural of sentences, Ladder Carpet Now."


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