The Sheets

our glass to
dance The Sheets, you
owe us lovely paper
my mansions cage a bit,
sightseeing Virginia, why
turn ashes habitual when
your servants are swept orange,
Lady Antecedent?

check the unloosed never,
check a pond of casts
darling children's
frames confounded sepulchers,
illicit heroes...

oh, mine will
be touched clockwise,
this good going instead of the fancying
of name that is me,
flint-shaken mirage with her
penny sins every weekend whitened
into coals, trust them but faintly
postponing steel crackers while
I set this to sweat

the old heavenly lucidity heavier
than unworldly foreign arm-slings
perverse animals her symptoms engage
still-burning not fattened
(this bamboo subscription
my world Virginia?)
Virginia rotted with witness,
roses paid her puns
"Spelling-words forgotten,"
quoth the ankle-deep little snake, BUT
I flew into the swarthy sky to twist
evasion into single spoons
may Horror's knees be feet sold into
iron & ever see ahead in the distance
Virginia's swelteringly unmarketable heel!

a sunken-ended summit to those
who once touched her transgressions!
when late Virginia should sob ears,
your land's her last insinuation
wholly insouciant, Virginia, burst with
violets, predicates Virginia
all wronged with debt, what
doubles could harvest you, out of
darkness early and out to admiration,
asleep still-burning?

Sugar Floor Phrenzy

Virginia's part fire, part
moon charnel-house,
her blood bounce-soft,

her limestone minutely suspect &
enchanted (unlucky handiwork!)
her big tongue unfeasibly deep
- O big tongue unfeasibly deep,

pour lasting rain over
the grand overcome!

Ah, sweet
fluidity of
still-inescapable V!,

I've got plenty
more well-bred razors in
this encyclopedic bunker!

my dinner reputation
always cudgeled red-hot to
mark the world from what
Virginia marks as literary,
"the poem's representations
killed every season's zero,"
the ankle-deep snake chipped in

overgrown seems the air, roses ditch what Mercy capitalized
horses carefully gnawing the Eastern Almighty, after they're
punished we'll blackmail their coffins then beak 'em alive

my skin crawls in sympathy when
I think 'pon the prowling skin of lefthand flowers,
still we puerile the hair for road entertainments
our bus driver's the coma Wormswork devoured,
dreaming the dream of dogs with cold roses
instead of cold noses, the dreamer's back clung to

etceteras of red air,
knowing no other words
than Sugar Floor Phrenzy

The Day The Laurel Hid Twice

soil reads what you speak
soil through lace is dew
soil's a simple word to be able
to lure grass along a long wind
when you walk under the moon
the soil is your foot's mirror, that
came out wrong but you know
what I mean, while you gather up
dollars the soil sleeps in, side by side
with the poor dead scientists, soil's
furrow has as much in it as the grass
has on it, even thru the slime the
letters "S" - "O" - "I" - "L" still clang
together, ring dry and crisp, I mean

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