Ruining in Place

Vandal Passion:
radial upsurge intimating
vibrato's lament.

A fractal seed enclosure.

Vibrant, its flowing
ration a bent procedure
on the up's wing

descending over the tactic,

all retreat. Landing
scarcely begets a settlement
before it is borne.

Against its time as tidy fabric

a truism soars,
its white wings spread
to margin-

al disclosure taking ill will

needing its lament
to fashion a scandal
imitating light

as still as night's alembic.


Prophet at Launch

filtered panegyric granular
owing its glow myopic diction
slows the cataleptic truants
waging words on argo streets
imprisoned cadence listened
to scarlet managers at the bath
of the fall of true omniscience
the flagellant savoring commence
meant to purge or dissuade
the truth as last listened to past
the sheets of vacant mucilage
encumber their fruit-laced pancake lyrics
or related syrup as the saying glows
redundant on tendinitis ears
no tears of braying antidotes assembled
near the ancient sayings
looming nascent under illuminated skies
a lost projectile clamoring
for sunset under the new ellipse


Primed Cut

avalanche mustard equivalent
vectors of lanced ambivalence
follow rambling hirsute choices
breeding crossover fountains
aggressive as staid declamations
to consort their mannequin voices
stilled under tilted legs of protest
bill annuities their faded juncture
passage beggars flute the wandering
faded unction switch alchemies
to dual function reading which
splenectomy vents its velcro lien
against colonies leading veracity cables
tabling truth in vintage revelation
or funding aperture gassed
under leveling currency hatchets
the midst tables its own bleeding
undertone receding ladles configure
breeding tables their portal entry
to rigorously courting all demands
the filibuster mandate rancid
with testicular degeneration
furrows a futile paradise unkept
as mottled plumage gleans thirst
from pamphlets reaching aback
their throttled gear enumerating
the flinging sheets of past frenzy
black enamel trouser pledges
wheat panel repercussion lending
tender memory facet illusions
protruding occluded fantasy
welts the underling's leather tip
ringing felt-lipped soliloquy inversions
against feathering nail snatchers
imminent redundancy coursed
as action cautiously averted under
neon forcible ordinal image waking
shakes the best from its prime

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