soap notched your shadowed pen gun
nap retsulc gnivaeh stun the laundry
rippled throat you cough hop gnippohc
creosote limb luggage my face a
cave beneath the weeds pmal dnas
long torn joke your retfihs scar




rain mouth




thguos to thunder wallet spun heel
the fountain gnihcti like un mortar
how fancy !nail gnidneb humps egg
shaped to lettuce and a splitter
dry gush lander fry the trench
rich with rotting birds and glasses



sleep out

eye gag



bunch o' faucets dnalg gnicnad meal
soaker gnipeels in the closet sleeve
pain a kinda knobby tongue lwob
fluttered in the rain was citsalp
hats deraems with spit and gravel
vomit on the keyboard ice shoe



long pig lunch
sot lpped



shape pantser doubled in the sand
fool laundry drinking ecil skcos delbmert
throat the plunger snail comb drinker
use your funnel for the ash
form bleed noitcevnoc fouled the sandwich
ink ripples down your chin neck



pis trank


this ypoc hammer



stray chain you delbmurg top lunch
my truss soaker hill my pas
resnir leaks beneath the chair the
part fell off loose inside your
shorts the lung sky wet the
trashcan fulla smouldering belts inch inch


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