spanked-purple throwbacks to the first 1980s
contiguate to slave apparent IRS holdups
night vision-sex trance of same chant-eerie angle
dreams bank-robbery CCTV cam-loaded machine guns

"i have already conquered cyborgs and invasive species"
allows for "i am unique like a backwards ghost vibrator"
which is timed up with kiddies finding neverland um perfect
tho they'd rather hump-dance to the mp3 ferdinand franz

see now michael umbrellad with strut sliding back wards
into second 1980s when peeps popped pills pinkish
to win a possible AM sermonette with paris hilton proto-topographies
but oops they shaved their noses off so now peeps can't smell shiat

was riding trans pix on the super-sized econo-mix
but chemical-medical-sym-snaq energy-tron-wink goed splat


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