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I write like evidence, and then you snort plant liquids quite apart. The afternoon saps shade beneath the tree. You single out a patch of heresy until these saddle burrs give grace a kind of escrow. Blush if you see silk beneath my gown. It's forty-three degrees outside (safe Fahrenheit) and you sound dreamy as an incident in fiction. Curse what someone wept for sense of fair light curved across the line. Snap think your quotient hard as clocks. If ever breathalized the cloak would be disposed to tap resources not invasive. Yet the stark lure of the head rest blanches wheat, and pressed fracture leaves aside evasion as if water. Comme ca said the teach-. What then, asked the indifferent. And outré overdose makes food close to the quarry. What are you afraid of whom to fear is saved for intimate acquaintances. Your loved one lives in us and she is sugar green and she is silk and all the poultices have taken liberty with every one of the unwanted compounds.



shot clock frosts
across leaves

they just
watered down pass

into rebellious weather
once again

from being
softly resilient studious

away from home
as if

distance like
this very point

on this very
broad map

specific push
pin right here

listen we are
speaking new

one means
something quite different

each one rings
in someone

perhaps and
memorable things are

formed in exactly
this way



she said draw
this. I saw
nothing to
draw. I turned
to something
else. I made
history by pressing
on a surface with
handprints I made
happiness look
like a piece of
freshly picked fruit.
I held my hunger
back. I spoke into
the microphone. I
left my pronouns
at the door. I
paid attention and
my dues at the door.
nobody saw me but
the one taking my
money. to this day
I see this printed
on my screen I live this
over as if sometime
I'll get it


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