paw sample each the dream
sunder flame uh couch soaked
pill spreading in yr pocket
ladder gazed like graham cracker
soup spuddle lake venting shore

sheet flapping grunt a caver
groaned my pencil down the
hill belling in yr socks
.flew trance shallows ,upper teef
crackling soap dance sugar sugar

lamp bum locussed )"stridulation"( hunk
stanced table order )"spasticity"( funk
trill smelly in yr clocks'
booth hub ,naval logo game
.so pungent glue ,so Wrapped

finger clicking in your use
heap .taint collar ,grunge pane
,grill welling in yr cock
hope belted whack-a-gush
.beak folded blame the mouth

grave spore rumbled rasher smoked
my hoop ash my roller
drill belling in yr foxy
wallet .peel my watch you
would ?clogged pants yr waking


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