Introduction to Karl Young's
Zebra Exclamations In Memoriam Bill Keith


My memorial to Bill Keith is based on photos I've used in other contexts and one of my favorite of Keith's poems. Here's Bill's poem:



This poem combines a number of the characteristics of Bill Keith's poetry. First, his ability to find and transpose icons, symbol sets, and the Roman alphabet; second, his emphasis on rhythm, something he could create even in the most austere modes; third, his enthusiasm.
Again, the photos in this series are images I've used before. Icons, type faces, and exclamation points take part of their significance from former usages. Each pair of images suggests a characteristic of Bill's poems. They also follow the natural succession of times of day (dawn, morning, afternoon, sunset, night) and the progress of the seasons from winter through autumn, with an additional installment for speed. These suggest traditional organizing patterns in verse collections.

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