doctrine undressed ( for pope john 2 )

john tchicai - garrison fewell duo @ the cornelia st cafe


this flicker in the spring awashed
where the source is aflown within hard grain
i eat nasty platter
hastily beg-a-pardning down/stair
trummeling in the low end
a flame watering itself instant of chinhicsawn - a crimsical weightin
in narrows and concentric pathways we ups 'n downs
traffic & unwritten fluids ounces of sand we see in
sense of twisting the wood to make a frame
unfurling the wire to cause friction
brush the brittleness to bring resolution
a gripping grin
the pool the wax forms (flame swum sank)
moves a reflection weightless moves

how does movement move itself?
the wind in the mouth makes melodies of shirts
& great small winds move the thing whose reflection is-a-move
a flicker in the spring ringing land & nadlop
patched walls & storybooks
teak trifes and rubmahs & missles & can't-i-leave-hers

elegant combs sweep the bottled falls
& sweat sparkles off the nodtarp as easy as an unconditioned bill

see yourself again in the gathering granules
a face greenwashed like a george at a crossing
a john @ a window
painted flatter n bricklines & steampipes
on a chrice-amighty-true-spring nite.

speak from your pulpit of intentions
while the wind moves things
the wind that moves things
moves things

steve dalachnsky nyc 4/7/05


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