i called

i called the soymilk company and i said im trapped
but im starting to get non-violent

o sugar, i ate fish and had a bookmark
i must be on no choice boulevard

i wake up and ask who falls
i walk like a moon in vegas

my surroundings are a cool idea
i love yr red hair spray

i called the soymilk company and said it feels great
i love the soymilk company and i said non-violent fish

my husband went away so i called the company
and i said his face took my stars

u see her dreams rip but give me toys
please tundra face, not again

he had a bookmark that she was inside
her movie stars walk like the moon

u want me, give me t.v.
the company said inside yr movie star birds

i am shaving my legs
i am shaving inside birds

i'm yr leather moon, fingers of the passive moon
were inside yr hat, yr life

i have no money, give me japan
i am 48, we have lots of gravel and tigers

i am 48, give me t.v., i sleep on top of
big career goals, i wont cooperate

with tigers that wont sleep on gravel
i sleep on top of big blue space

why do nectarines and ethiopia need these stupid sheets?
a tour guide needs tigers, blankets

i have no money, i'm yr leather please
i sleep on on blue gravel that wont cooperate


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