dancers broke out in a rash of windows
abandoned heavenly puffballs
hitler is a big sea lion using my name
they burned down the museum

abandoned heavenly hitler is a big sea
snorting coke-lines from the pigeon's hand
swastika in shape of sex which is the end
of the world straddling a podium

and in this very same way i'd associate

straddling a possum of possibilities
hitlers snow hates the branches
fill in the fucking blank
i am deeply in love with her invisible pancake

with her invisible pancake fucking blank
hitlers snow hates straddling a possum (!)
hitler makes the sign of the cross
in his house made of pancakes

hitler bends over his shadow to hear
the sound of portfolio radiation mustard
and blue clouds shutting up
pancake machines yearn

candles open like sanded rain.


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