Post Maiden


A fellow's homely ride transports him and his bride
along dotted lines marked by glowing, radiating pink
snow. The moon that borders the wet skyline along
the east hillside imposes a rich honey-coloured reflection
on an otherwise typically silver-sparkling pond where
the man and his Valentine would have skinny dipped
once in the previous dry summer. A more romantic
vehicle, perhaps, the vintage 1958 Chevy Impala convertible
had been offered by the groom's brother-in-law, but
they chose the old Ford van, despite the unattractive,
even unsightly rust spots, some becoming proverbial
gaping holes, for they could camp in the van and forego
hotel expenses half the nights, thereby afford two weeks
vacation instead of just one, and any time that they wanted
to pull over and draw the shades and make out and go
wherever that stuff led to, they could, they conspired.
Nobody in his right mind and Nobody in her right mind
bothered young lovers and kids kissing in cars
and pickups and tree houses and back porch verandas
back then back when everybody would soon go back
to school for their Senior and final years, in some cases
pregnant, trapped, frantic, naive, patient, understanding,
be as it may. What year was it, on the other calendar,
the calendar with other days and months and indications
of Decade, sometimes seasons we all pass through,
according to Hoyle or according to the Home Economics
instructors just then becoming fashionable in the small
rural schools? Why not summer of your discontent or
civilization and its two seasons Fall and Autumn, why does
everything have to be so precise and enormous? This mattered
naught to the two newlywed bank clerks. They kept banker's
hours and snuck away at noon most work days for play
lurks just around most every corner the carefree care
to look after and preserve. They preserved it everywhere
they could, even in accounts going forward and accounts
receivable, but especially down at the park in the middle
of the town at the edge of the river by the wheat field so very
golden and gentle from the first of July to the edge of August.


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