Yolk Yolk

yolk yolk bloop bloop spins spins name name
spins spins lube lube crash crash eh eh
crash crash tent tent plug plug rip rip
plug plug luz luz twist twist thumb thumb
twist twist core core room room dry dry
room room bang bang net net grass grass
net net bolsillo bolsillo sure sure suit suit
sure sure fork fork pérdida pérdida so so
pérdida pérdida nod nod drat drat numb numb
drat drat libro libro plots plots gung gung
plots plots beet beet noose noose nor nor
noose noose pray pray bed bed neck neck
bed bed blat blat nut nut seep seep
nut nut sot sot sobaco sobaco chew chew
jugo jugo clang clang spread spread do do
spread spread butt butt yolk yolk trump trump



Gun Air

chlange le



torn shape
tu "lado"
flocks of hum



shleep ahead
nurst dam
tock steady



bander phone
slap mappy



your haw mess
your indch



sever my nod
lagck straight



Maet Maet


maet nah tembple nor yr shoe

shoe sleep nedster flakes the suit

suit nost ,clram blrick ,test of sink

sink swallow nasty pool or use

use my needless ,clod my snoot

snoot dust an ,hips of ice

ice breathe your gast neck tongue

tongue ,moot ,breast ,skip ,blink

blink the toilet sack the stung towel

towel of sleep and furniture

furniture nor gasoline ,an ice

ice loot an crispy nodes of light

light dimdex froating ni ehn boot

boot crush an fork mice an tom maet



Symptom Maet

maet shirt maet wife maet new maet mule maet
guess maet symbolation maet tooth maet singe
maet use maet wheel maet corner maet cow maet
fumble maet ha maet funnelization maet list
maet glue maet more maet pile maet cod maet
piece maet mock maet pore maet fallen
maet number maet owl maet ponder maet gas maet
flunk maet mord maet solemn maet cross
maet gum maet wrist maet cloud maet ah maet
bull maet et maet rapture maet slunk
maet sunk maet knee maet aw maet folder maet
pillow maet eat maet meat maet stumbling
maet paw maet fort maet goad maet clamor maet
flopping maet come maet ink maet symptom



Forma de Tul



quick head
yr flaut knock



nul eye



casa endgame





plan for nothing then take cover

plan for drinking then make noodles

plan for hostage then go swimming

plan for hotcha then list corncobs

plan for mailmen than ply forceps

plan for hogwild then crimp earlobes

plan for windy then send bricks

plan for homeboy then turn tricking

plan for losers then scout potholes

plan for topless then rent cobwebs

plan for umbrella then quit fussing





stop licking when you should be stunning

stop smoking when you should be lifting

stop hamming when you should be ashen

stop bumming when you should be stinging

stop rolling when you should be canting

stop lobbing when you should be coughing

stop howling when you should be itching

stop abscessing when you should be knotting

stop combing when you should be stalking

stop panning when you should be sordid

stop clowning when you should be bombing





after clocking set your finger up

after foaming set your mocker up

after sendup send your toilet up

after users set your hymnbook up

after shouldering set your wiper up

after typing set your compost up

after growling set your drainage up

after blunders set your toothbrush up

after strumming set your hawser up

after bonded set your faca up

after nozzles set your sometimes up





wash your shadow in the laundry chute

cash your shadow in the grocery store

hold your shadow in the luggage rack

drop your shadow in your testing broth

slip your shadow in the bullet slot

hug your shadow in the sandwich meat

blow your shadow in the waffle trash

edge your shadow in the knuckle hunt

budge your shadow in the sinking leg

fail your shadow in the corner lint

hope your shadow in the guest intention

buy your shadow in the lamp inflection

fuel your shadow in the tub explosion





nor aim nor rinse nor fawn the flag

nor high nor too nor gasp the dumber

nor flop nor hat nor change the shorts

nor lung nor rat nor cow the faucet

nor him nor float nor edge the shadow

nor feel nor knob nor plunge the mumble

nor lot nor hash nor fly the duster

nor bell nor cough nor stun the slipper

nor sum nor shout nor trot the toilet

nor crawl nor neck nor snot the singing

nor bull nor use nor focused burning

nor odd nor shape nor spread the fango

nor hot nor spelt nor closed the suitcase


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