shake the egg dust off
contrite view of ladled choir lust
pandering to opiate indifference and
accounting for most lively
tenements unless your own
voiture slinks off the road
a predicate in tow
passwords near delivery
point up stain as mortar's chipped
from bricks recused of their molybdenum
for nonsense shatter of the bulb
above police car rattling only light
to spar with noise in blasts
still sewn across one's recollective faculty
the act of shoring up detritus
begs the question hinged to ought
concerning flings and habitation
purse strings libel labeling and
coarse cloth just about as open as severe
hydrangeas nearly drenched with salt
and breeze of daily indigo dismantling
the attrition as an ivy
crawls up brick recalled because of how
the planning and the serendipity
get hitched and yield a bud




train case tips the suffered strain
lifted from lanky waves
coddling an imprimatur
leaving room for genuflection
stalling pace of altars' diagnosis
while gloveworthy sentences close to
tundra pore across district support staff
who pass chafing dishes
from bed rest to blithering distraction
chemically acute as sloe gin erasing doubt
as catwalk holds the population hostage

diamonds noted for their prowess
cap off luxe when songs fool justice
as the hand across possessions
sticks with sky to cover gaps as sparse
as midnight saplings pause
from sage astronomers
holding quiet clotted with fifth hosts
as processes are given closure
over handed brace and sediment
while taking a walk
one notices some desperation
in the blunt spool crawling over rich soil
cursive threads forming meaning
rapt as stoic practice theorized



one waits to tempt the lasso
into crescent shades
of darning open stacks
with sun apart from long lines
sanctifying quiet taste
admitted to the century of yellow chorus
fading where the sheet rock plies a scent
to trade for bluebirds cared upon and carved
to the idea destined to be ported
far enough from daisies
as the tin rows glisten forward motion
kept in life by seabird breeze
as color mist layers the lace
through pages come to powder touch
with warm air just above the gravestones
carpeted by staring down the sights
until a blur is gone to waste
incessantly delaying sip of fire's own
lackadaisical self-image in the pond


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