a-textual threnody

history leaves no scream
a will to kill
the imagination gains
its legs
touching the beatitude abstractly
drunk with insanity
the morning paper's clutching
debris thots and columnar deaths
sepia-marred black and white cropped rectangles
the sterile industrialized evolution
negative dust on the other side of the atom
the bomb makes good
philosophical conversation
no mean-street gutter-speak
nor inabilities to mollify
the missing element
the lacuna
which moves
thru the heart like a dragon
its tail the alienating factor
its breath
the aspiration of bums
intoxicated with deformed sperm's estuary poisons
at night the gas lights
the piss-stained pavement's wino-galaxy dreams
and a lust which means
little to a starving soul's insatiable appetite
choking on the avenue's carrion
imbibing the bodily fluids of angelic undercurrents
the sacred
citadel of a locked cathedral
the collection plates
and coffers ringing
with faith on sunday mornings
the good-book charities
and prayers for the battle
waging inside the excess
of avarice generations
a lineage
forged from the dust of adam
the exclusive
rights of the selected few
the repose of those providence chose
to lead all men
in their ways of hate and fear
the monday morning quarterbacking at the water cooler
the nine-to-five commodified sublime
the belittled space for potential
drowning inside an ant-farm (cumulative) acumen
lemming-centered rugged individualism
empty heads fill
on each alternative wednesday
lunch time with the soaps
cleaning house and leaving the unobtrusive
ruins of autonomy
on a cutting room's threshing floor
a pretext for the ruminative miscues
the anamnesis which cloaks the darkened clarion
a blood-siren's immortal rage
the wick still warm
the breath quenched
the emasculated entities masquerading in words
the truly destitute
and the angst living
amongst us in an unwritten epitaph


Ric Carfagna
from Notes On NonExistence: Concept Zero

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