transparent 2


if u want nectarines whispering into moon
like a luxury i want of u
eyes bark if her moons transparent
her transparent moon mattress blows like money
to follow lucilles horses inside books lips

eretrea said frankenstein burning things in the dark
dreaming big star of david trouble of her eyes:

i wish yr name was test test
in yr ice lips

we were talking
u just biting myself
yr hot soup nectarines bark
what a guy
am i rice
open u ice and ice

moon cries ruby red louise burning the vanilla blue shadows
get with the snow u must
use the bones of and i shut in her,
want snow whatever open

apple bones i am lightly squeezing my mother into dark cities:

i say eretrea then im 14 like moons
honey, i am wailing
pinched lions come
i pray for something crushed
she's drunk and i feel it never ends

u have lions to talk about, its enuf
a frozen poet never sits in a car
i heard of a cure: imagination like no lions dreaming

i'm 28 dreaming men are lying dreams all over my bed
breathe till i hold her over a disgruntled boulevard
i must have no choice, eretrea
thank you, i was alive like yr waves are walking movies
yr birds swarm and now they regret it

in january the waves move my eyes
in january everyone says just yr public art is public

mindlessly get sexual down so there were babies and i drew yr with a man

some kind of a reality show
talking did that, she's shimmering very suspenseful

i get into my car and i draw a skillet moon
someone grabs me hairspray cynic
and i love yr red eyes

i cant find pieces of weeping fire dude
whatever, i cant find the sky
she's moody if u want off her eyes
ethiopia luclle burning cereal

the thought of u being always cry the lady u
the thought of u being transparent housing

maybe alcoholic eyes cant find pieces of fire shut in her
if u want eretrea, im u

follow lucilles mouth shut
follow her blue soup
into yr ice eretrea

at first drek of u delicious skull fire
throw it open, war eyes
the thought of u being shut in her
couch that was a couch

i got a playhouse in the mountains
poem, hunt my clouds
hell, it feels ok
hate she come america
rip yr heart out singer
she seems like am i lucille of eyebrows

wound off me, eretrea
look his symbolic arthritis
i ask someone, u love meat of lucille?
veterans to follow her
walk away under drek

but ethiopia of u in yr ice
so real u cdnt ozone i want

handle it, bite, scratch
i dont know its u who cant vanilla by the devil disappears

yr always burning and her
necessary moon getting transparent
pharmacist nectarine


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